I’ve been using Mac OS X for a almost two years. I like it, I really do. But there are a lot of things that drive me crazy. At least in the native/default configuration:

  1. You cannot rename/move/copy files in a save dialog. And you cannot open the enclosing folder to do so. You must open Finder yourself and look for that folder. This should be useful if you just want to replace a file but maintain the original in a different name.
  2. On that same file dialog, you can’t paste a web URL (http), which means, that if you want to open a file from web you must first download the it and then open it manually.
  3. You can’t delete a single file from trash. What happens if you just want to destroy evidence of something?
  4. Sometimes (e.g. in Chrome), when I mark text, it forgets where I started to mark from and where I ended. If I change the mark using Shift+Arrow/Shift+Click elsewhere, it either enlarges the selection when I wanted to subtract, or vice-versa. It should always proceed from the place the last mark was stopped at.
  5. When multiple windows of the same application are opened, a click on the dock icon brings them all to front. Same for cmd+tab menu. To me, it seems it happens because of poor window management. When I have a lot of Finder windows it’s very annoying. Partial solutions: HyperDock (for dock) and Witch (for alt+tab between all windows, not apps)
  6. You can’t cut & paste files. As time goes by I see how I really need it. Imagine you wouldn’t be able to cut & paste text, but only copy-paste-delete. Solution: TotalFinder
  7. You can’t merge folders. Drag / copy&paste of a folder named A, onto a folder which contains another folder named A, will totally remove the second A and replace it by the first one. The only way to merge is to use Terminal or an external tool.
  8. If your Finder window with Details view is packed with files, you can’t create a new folder with the right click menu unless you either enlarge the window, to get space below the files where a right click have New Folder command or use shortcut/main menu. On Windows - right click would work after the last column because a files don’t spread over an entire line.
  9. In details view, with a tree of files opened (great feature!), when pasting a file it’ll paste it to the top most directory you’re in, and not the one you marked.
  10. In native apps, if a text field is disabled, you can’t select the text in it at all.
  11. Several applications require you to right click on their dock icon in order to open them. For example, Adium: when the contact list is closed and there’s a conversation opened. True, it’s also Adium’s fault, but it’s more a window management UI issue.
  12. Deleting a file on the Finder (cmd+Backspace) clears the selected file. If you want to go to the next file with the down arrow - it’ll start from the first file on the top of the list. It should remember the location of the last deleted file and focus on the one that was next to it (or previous if it’s the last file).
  13. You must use Terminal for lots of advanced configurations. They don’t appear on System Preferences. Things like “Show hidden files” and more.
  14. No editable address bar in finder. ‘Go to Folder’ doesn’t count. It would, if it was showing the full current address of a window, but it shows only the last accessed path. Again, only terminal can make things easier.
  15. The Preview application won’t let you navigate through files in the same directory, unless they were all opened together initially.
  16. Weird and inconsistent Home & End buttons. I want it to go to the beginning/end of a line and not the top of the document. Several applications use the first approach and others use the second one. Solution: KeyFixer
  17. No Right-Click+Dragging (used for copy/move/extract etc.)
  18. Cmd+N in a Finder window opens the home directory. But most of the times I used it, I meant to duplicate the same window. Solution: TotalFinder
  19. Windows are resizable only from one corner. That means, that if a window is “stuck” on a size that is bigger than the screen, it cannot be resized, and you’re probably doomed, because most apps remember their size/location. It happend to me more than once after plugging off an external screen. Solution: Divvy

I guess that most of the users don’t need all of these, but I’m sure I’m not the only one complaining about them. Apple might want to protect the general users, and their approach seems like “We are way smarter than you”. But why don’t they create “Advanced Mode” for developers and advanced users?

I still use it because of the full native support for Ruby on Rails, Apache, iPhone development and such, but sometimes, I miss Windows 7.

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