First post in a series to be. Several (very) interesting links I encountered lately.
  • CSS Reloader - Essential FF add-on that reloads external CSS files without refreshing the whole page. A MUST HAVE + time saver.
  • Wow, I’m in love with SASS/LESS.CSS/DotLESS. This is how CSS should look like. Well, these have been around for a long time but after using it once, I can’t imagine I’ll ever go back. All of them offer the same functionality, however, SASS has 2 types of syntax (I chose SCSS which is similar to LESS’s).
  • IE9 new preview promises a lot. W3C compliance and speed. Wait, isn’t it what we wanted?
  • HTML5Rocks - HTML5 playground
  • Smokescreen - Flash to HTML5. A new era?
  • WP Super Cache - If you have  a WordPress blog, this can reduce load times by caching pages to static HTML files. Neat.
  • CSS3 Please TextMate Bundle - CSS3 Please is a site that shows how to use CSS3 on all browsers. Apparently, as past experience shows, till 2013 or so we’ll have to use specific browser prefixes (-webkit-, -moz- etc.). This TextMate bundle handles all these stuff with code snippets.
  • jsFiddle / - Write code snippets with common JS libraries online, share them, fork other snippets. The first is MooTools driven, the second is jQuery driven.
  • jqueryvsmootools - Why I prefer MooTools over jQuery