Google Reader Filter script is hosted on and is updated periodically.

New! v1.1.1

What’s new?

  • Total redesign
  • jQuery integration
  • Added a preference whether to show quick add or not
  • You can now use special characters in a term, without worrying it’ll become a regexp (strings are now checked against both original string and regex string)
  • Better Chrome Support
  • Added logging
  • Bug fixes

After I realized I was subscribed to more than 200 RSS feeds in my Google Reader with tons of new content each day, I felt I needed to do something.

I was obsessed to leave my reader empty and spent too much time doing it (Mark all as read, anyone?).

I decided to write a tiny Greasemonkey script that will help me handle this amount of content, simply be removing items I might not want or duplicated entries, and highlighting items I do want, based on keywords (or Regular Expressions).